Directed Walking Excursions for Pilgrims and Seekers Visiting Rome



Rome: the Sacred City 

    Urbs Sacra means “Sacred City,” a title long used to refer to Rome. Rome is sacred in the sense that it is a place sanctified by the blood of many early Christian martyrs, including its primary patrons, Saints Peter and Paul. In the spirit of the New Evangelization, Urbs Sacra seeks to strengthen and enrich the faith of Catholic pilgrims who visit Rome by offering directed excursions. These excursions give pilgrims the opportunity to encounter and pray at the Eternal City’s most sacred churches and locations.


A Different Model for Pilgrims and Seekers 

    Urbs Sacra is not a tour company, but rather an apostolate, that is, a ministry that strives to spiritually and intellectually enrich the participants.  Some tour companies and travel agencies claim to be “Catholic” but then hire guides who are far from devout. Our excursion directors and docents are always committed and faithful Catholics. Always. No exceptions. Urbs Sacra promises no gimmicks; no bait-and-switch tactics.


Personalized and Offered in Clear English

    Our excursion directors speak fluent mother-tongue English and hold graduate degrees. Excursions are private and personalized. We avoid using headsets whenever possible for an immersive and interactive experience. Our excursions are designed to allow for prayer and reflection.


A Spiritual Experience 

    Rome is a city where you can discover the foundations of the Christian faith in a real and tangible way.  The Eternal City’s rich history offers the unique opportunity for you to encounter the legacy of the martyrs and the Saints. You can continually find new inspiration and insights from those who lived the Christian faith to the fullest.  Spending time in Rome can offer a great occasion for spiritual and personal renewal. If you are planning on visiting Rome for reasons of faith, or even if you are just simply a seeker, consider booking an Urbs Sacra directed excursion.  Let us help you discover what makes Rome the Urbs Sacra — the Sacred City!


The Director 

    Click here to learn more about the founder and director of Urbs Sacra.