Directed Walking Excursions for Pilgrims and Seekers Visiting Rome



Information We Need When You Book: 


When you are ready to book, please email  info (at) urbssacra (dot) com with the following information:

    • Your full name

    • Where you are from

    • A list of what excursions you are interested taking

    • A phone number for contacting you if necessary

    • The total number of participants for each excursion

    • The ages of any minors that will be participating

    • The date and time of your arrival in Rome

    • The date and time of your departure from Rome

    • Where you will be staying in Rome and the phone number

    • The mobile number you will use when you are in Rome

    • Any health, mobility, or accessibility concerns of note


Before Booking Please Read the Following: 



    Urbs Sacra is an apostolate and not a tour company or travel agency. Instead of charging a specific price for an excursion, Urbs Sacra requests a donation from participants and offers a suggested scale for donations. Some people give more than the suggested scale and some give less than the suggested scale. What you offer is up to you. We do not want anyone to be turned away because of budgetary constraints or limited means. Likewise, those who feel compelled to give generously certainly are welcome to do so. 


Group Sizes 

    Urbs Sacra’s mission of service for those visiting Rome is particularly for individuals, families, and pilgrim groups of 12 or less. Groups of over 12 people will be considered on a case by case basis.


Entrance Fees and Other Costs 

    Urbs Sacra does not cover entrance fees for you and ask that you cover all entrance fees.   We ask you to cover any necessary transportation costs required during the course of our time together. This includes public transportation, and if necessary, private transportation. If you dine during your time with your excursion director, please offer to cover the cost of his/her meal(s).


Dress Code and Essentials 

    Prepare to dress comfortably and wear shoes that are broken-in and conducive to extended walking. When it comes to your apparel selection for an excursion, choose function over fashion and practical over pretty. Churches require that shorts and skirts go to the center of the knee.  Shoulders should not be exposed.  Do not wear any clothing that has a low neckline or that is see-through. Please bring one small collapsable travel umbrella per person. Dress appropriately for the season in which you visit Rome. Please do not bring any large bags or backpacks on the excursions. Consider bringing water-resistant footwear during Rome’s rainy season (Beginning of November to the middle of April).  Remember, Rome gets more annual rainfall than London.


Accessibility Issues or Mobility Concerns?

    All of our excursions involve substantial walking at a regular pace and hours on your feet with few opportunities to sit.  To participate and fully experience a directed walking excursion you need to be in fair shape and have the ability to move with ease and spontaneity up and down stairs and to walk up large hills.  Rome can be a difficult and vexing environment for those who face mobility challenges.  If you have any questions as to whether if you should book an excursion, please feel free to contact us and inquire.


Children and Teens? 

    For families that are traveling together, we strongly encourage you to take into account your children’s level of interest in the things that they will be encountering on an excursion. Parents also need to take into account the physical endurance of their children.  Rome is not a very child friendly city, and often the topics covered during excursions are of an intellectual nature.  Public restrooms and places to find food or snacks are not always readily available.  Please carefully consider the needs of your family before committing to an excursion.



    If for some reason you should have to cancel your excursion, we ask that you do so at least 72 hours in advance or sooner if possible. If prior notification isn’t possible, please consider still making a donation to Urbs Sacra.