The Ancient City Excursion


    Few places on earth offer such a profound encounter with antiquity as does Rome, the Eternal City.  Rome started out as a crossroads and trading post for the Etruscan, Latin, and Oscan peoples. The community would develop from a village to a republic, and from a republic to an empire, conquering well beyond the Mediterranean basin along the way.

    The Ancient City excursion covers the history and development of Rome from the 11th century B.C. through the 5th century A.D. On this excursion you will explore the Palatine Hill, where the emperors build a series of palatial structures, and the monuments of the Republican Roman Forum, which served as the heart of Rome’s political and cultural identity. Likewise, you will see and visit the remnants of two of Rome’s greatest venues for spectacle, Circus Maximus and the Colosseum. This excursion will give you the opportunity to learn about ancient Rome’s history as it relates to the Jewish and Christian communities that dwelt here and outlived the Roman Empire.





    This excursion is available Monday to Saturday starting at 8:30 a.m.    

    This excursions lasts 2½ to 3 hours.

    This excursion includes uneven terrain, hills, and stairs.

    The entire excursion is done on foot.


Please note: 

    Urbs Sacra is an apostolate and not a tour company or travel agency. Instead of charging a specific price for an excursion, Urbs Sacra requests a donation from participants and offers a suggested scale for donations. Some people give more than the suggested scale and some give less than the suggested scale. What you offer is up to you. We do not want anyone to be turned away because of budgetary constraints or limited means. Likewise, those who feel compelled to give generously certainly are welcome to do so.


Suggested Donation for the excursion:


        1 - 2 people suggested donation: 150 to 200 Euro

        3 - 4 people suggested donation: 175 to 225 Euro

        5 - 6 people suggested donation: 225 to 275 Euro

        7 - 8 people suggested donation: 275 to 325 Euro

        Please inquire for larger groups.

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